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Radio Karishma Interview w/ Rachana Sr
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The entire ensemble displayed not just competence but a skillful embrace of the farcical gestures. At this production’s core is the self-important Mayor ... his wife ... and his daughter, Maria (the charming Ishika Muchhal). 

Steven Leigh Morris, Stage Raw

The creative ensemble of twelve members (Nick APOSTOLINA, Joey AQUINO, Mark DOERR, Prisca KIM, Ishika MUCHHAL, Jesse MYERS, Isaiah NORIEGA, Lamont OAKLEY, Nikhil PAI, Paula REBELO, Kasper SVENDSEN, Eddie VONA) tell the story through great singing, dancing, acting and is offering audience an extraordinary experience of what theatre movement is all about.  Congratulations to all the actors and especially to their creators Tina Kronis and Richard Alger, as well as Wes Myers.

Amalisha Hueck, Discover Hollywood

Konner even manages to impress Anna Rasmussen (Paula Rebelo), the Mayor’s wife, and Maria Rasmussen (Ishika Muchhal), the Mayor’s daughter. ... The musical numbers are highly kinetic, combining music and comedy perfectly. One of the many great elements of this staging is the casting. Actors that can sing, dance, and deliver excellent comedy at the same time are not easy to find. 


The show’s dense text, adapted by TMB founder Richard Alger, is hilariously delivered by a very talented, highly interactive cast. The very good TMB actors put their body into it... Much talent on view — and great, relevant material. Recommended.


TINY LITTLE TOWN is a Theatre Movement Bazaar premiere production merging dance, theater, and cinema while heightening physicality and remixing theater forms to create provocative storytelling.  ... TINY LITTLE TOWN is as close to perfect as a new production can get.

Elaine Mura, Splash Mags

I was totally mesmerized during the entire two-hour production, one scene morphing to the next with each actor’s perfectly matched movements and harmonies highlighting not only the clueless characters but also America’s current upside-down political world. ... But if they have their way, the town’s women, including the mayor’s wife Anna (Paula Rebelo) and daughter Maria (Ishika Muchhal), as well as his press secretary Jackie (Prisca Kim) ... will do their best to keep the two strangers around for as long as they can – for their own very personal reasons.

Shari Barrett, Culver City News

“Tiny Little Town,” presented by Theatre Movement Bazaar at the Broadwater Mainstage, is some of the best theater I’ve seen in a long time. It’s fun, sardonic, smart, and sharp! Not only are the show and the songs laugh-out-loud funny ... the character movement and staging are sharp and informative and a delight to watch. The “Tiny Little Town” ensemble is across-the-board terrific... Sure to be on several “Best of Los Angeles Theater” lists this year!

Matt Ritchey, Gia on the Move

Your character Krista is one of the more lively ones and you manage to add much tension in the scenes.  I hope to hear more voiceover work from you in the future!


In no way was I seeing a debutant on the screen, Ishika's performance was stellar! Cannot believe the maturity with which she emoted... Right from the first scene when we can see the uneasiness and worry in her eyes... The emotional roller-coaster ride she took us all just hit straight at the heart.

Nirupama Singh, LA Shorts Film Festival Audience

Thought provoking. Unapologetic. Sincere. The meaning behind the show is clear and the acting spot on. These are the stories that need to be told. I loved the unapologetic use of the actors cultural languages. There is a beautiful connection and joy that can only be shown when people are in their own “wheel house”. The movement moments were striking and vibrant.

Ryan Shelby Lee, Something in the Air at Hollywood Fringe

The play covers many topics surrounding Asian and Asian American experiences.... The play has a good set up.  Wonderful to see such a diverse Asian cast on stage. There is a strong potential of talent in this group. These stories are vital.

Patrick Chavis, LA Theatre Bites

When I wanted to see how I should feel about what is going on, I looked at Ishika. She is so grounded on stage. 

Fiona Rose Dyer, Something in the Air at CalArts

I saw The Fig and the Wasp last night and was absolutely FLOORED by you. You showed grace, strength, power, emotion, range, everything that a leading woman can be... You are a force of nature...  Congratulations and I pray that you are proud of the mic you just dropped... You are what the Arts need in this world. Never ever stop.

B. K. Dawson, Staff and Alum at CalArts

Jhansi Ki Rani, played by Ishika Muchhal, is an Indian warrior queen. Jhansi Ki Rani was one of the first woman of Indian royalty to learn the art of self-defense. ... The effort to dismantle gender roles in Indian culture is effectively portrayed in Muchhal’s performance.

Jaelyn Decena, A Zoom of Ones' Own, The Cougar Chronicle

These students bring experience in a wide range of dance forms and performance to create a coherent style of movement that represents their explorations into the abstract concepts of Estés. It is the penetrating howling and freedom of the wolves, combined with the moon’s energy, that forms the backdrop to a journey of self liberation. ... it makes for a delightful visual experience.

Richard Beck - Broadway Baby, Dear Mother Moon at Edinburgh Fringe

I was deeply impressed with Ishika's artistry and the mastery of her craft.  I wish I could have captured the positive energy in the auditorium that evening and focused it on a special target--world peace, perhaps.  What a gift she is to the world!

Steve Baker, Monrovia City Historian & Treasurer

I am so blessed to have experienced this young woman’s Arangetram. I was moved to tears by her performance, and by the show of love and support by everyone in attendance.

Angela Estela Moore, actor, director, writer

The dedication, skill and more than a decade’s preparation was visible and touched every member in the audience.

Kaushalendra Mishra

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